El Circulo Zamboangueño marks 52 years of Fiesta Pilar in Cagayan de Oro
Posted By Mike Banos | Wednesday, October 29, 2008 11:48:56 AM

1. Mrs. Ester Causin leads the community singing of Chabacano songs with (L-R): Jonel Bergado, Manny Aliñabon (partly hidden), Edwin Amik, Ben Errol Aspera (partly hidden), Jun Montuno, Chito Potenciano and The Joe Nebrao. (Photo by Mike Baños)
2. Not to be outdone, the women reply with their rendition of Lord, When You Came; Magnificat and Zamboanga Hermosa led by Joy Peña-Paladio & Baby Igancio. (Photo by Mike Baños).
3. Members of El Circulo Zamboangueño de Cagayan de Oro pose for posterity during the October 12, 2008 celebration at St. Mary's Academy gymnasium, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo by Dr. Art Surdilla)
4. Cena ya kita! - Let’s have dinner. (Photo by Dr. Art Surdilla)
5. Bien alegre el mga mujer - The women are very happy. (Photo by Dr. Art Surdilla)
6. Joe Nebrao with the host RVM Congregation led by Sis. Ma. Rachel Bernardo of Ayala (right). (Photo by Dr. Art Surdilla)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines - The “El Circulo Zamboangueño de Cagayan de Oro” celebrated 52 years of Fiesta Pilar on October 12 at the St. Mary's Academy gymnasium in Carmen here.

Over a hundred Zamboangueños and their families joined the festivities hosted by Sister Ma. Rachel Bernardo of the Religious of the Virgin Mary congregation in Cagayan de Oro City. Sis. Rachel originally comes from Ayala in Zamboanga City.

Joe Nebrao, titular head of the half century old association of families who originated from Zamboanga City, formerly known as "The City of Flowers" but recently restyled as "Asia's Latin City", said the Circulo also held the traditional nine-day novena for Nuestra Señora Virgen del Pilar de Zaragoza, the city's patron saint.

The nine-day novena was hosted by the following families: Paul & Nelvie Paladio, Aluba Subdivision (Oct 4); Jonel & Nanette Bergado, Morning Mist, Pueblo de Oro (Oct. 5); Edwin & Judith Amik, Xavier Estates (Oct. 6); Concon Ignacio, Fernhill Drive, Macasandig (Oct. 7); Raul & Antonietta Rodriguez, Tierra del Oro, Macasandig (Oct. 8); Chito & Toting Potenciano, Coca Cola Cpd., Aluba (Oct. 9); Jun & Tonette Montuno, Upper Zone 2, Bulua (Oct. 10) and Atty. Gloria Delgado, Capistrano-Akut sts. (Oct. 11).
The Fiesta Pilar celebration culminated with the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the St. Mary's Academy Chapel Villarin St., Carmen on October 12.

As has been traditionally practiced by El Circulo for the past 52 years, a Cena Comunal followed the celebration of the mass at the St. Mary's Academy Gymnasium.

Other attendees of this year's celebration who came despite the heavy downpour were the Ignacio clan headed by Porfirio & Baby Ignacio, who came with their children and grandchildren: Concon, Michael & Grace; Manny & Josy Aliñabon; Mrs. Ester Causin; Paul & Joy Paladio; Raul & Dina Rodriguez, who came with their mother Segundina; Henry & Nonita Emila; Adolfo & Nora Uro; Dodong & Grace Villegas; Pelagia & Imelda Uy.

Sabina Clemente; Art & Connie Surdilla (who took our photo mementos); Isidro & Juana Ampal; Jose Marie & Mary Jean Flaviano; Edgardo & Carmelita Namoc; Jun Calub; Jenny Bobadilla, Jake Dragon & Noel Carbalas; Sonny Larrabaster; Fine Cagaanan & Michael Dicoten of Golden Bell Grand Center; Edwin and Judith Amik; Ben Errol & Ginny Aspera.

And Mike, Gardy & Leon Baños; and the host RVM Congregation of Cagayan de Oro headed by Sis. Rachel who was joined by Sis. Ma. Rita Pacheco; Sis. Ma. Florlyn Acebedo; Sis. Ma. Teresita Aspril; Sis. Ma. Edna Daday;& Sis. Ma. Michelle Compra. (Mike Baños)

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