Telecommunications company iPs.t.a.r draws foreign investors for its E-Kiosk Project in Philippines
Posted By Mindanao Examiner | Sunday, January 13, 2013 05:39:21 PM

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ZAMBOANGA CITY (Mindanao Examiner / Jan. 13, 2013) – Satellite services company Integral Process Starlight Technologies And Resources Solutions Philippines Corporation has welcomed over a hundred foreign investors from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan during a three-day tour of its satellite and E-Kiosk project facilities held on January 11-13 in Angeles Industrial Park in Pampanga province.

IPSTARSPC said its utmost priority is to provide rural connectivity by providing broadband internet access to areas where it is generally classified as un-served or under-served in the Philippines.

The E-Kiosk project, packaged under its “business-in-a-box” concept, allows the company to provide connectivity to a wide variety of locations throughout the country while allowing interested consumers to easily start a telecommunications business right in their own villages.

“We want all villages in the Philippines to have access to connectivity and fully functional telecommunication capabilities, creating a technological and developmental equalization between the rural areas and major cities,” Dr. Joey Aranal, President and CEO of IPSTARSPC, said in a statement sent to the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner.

IPSTARSPC’s E-Kiosk Project works under a business model—a portable internet café business—that is expandable to extend and propagate Wi-Fi hot spots or Wi-Fi mesh in various remote municipalities. This is seen to aid money remittance services, provide link for ATM services, and provide any type of data, video, and voice services for both domestic and international routes.

With the technological progress that IPSTARSPC brings in these areas such as increased internet access to schools, government agencies, police and military units, the rural private sector can be more abreast with commerce and industry practices in urban circles.

In addition to that, IPSTARSPC has also recently acquired the lease of the land adjacent to the current IPSTAR satellite in Angeles Industrial Park that hosts the link to providing Wi-Fi internet access to the company’s E-Kiosk project. This has been done to accommodate the expansion of the company’s telecommunication services.

“There are still areas in the country that have no access to internet and phone services and these call for a strengthened satellite service. By expanding our facilities, we are creating the groundwork for us to provide faster internet connectivity and signal transmission to our E-Kiosk sites,” Aranal said.

With the Philippines now moving forward to a more connected citizenship an enhanced telecommunications service found in IPSTARSPC’s E-Kiosk Project is definitely a gift to all unconnected areas.

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